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The Parnassah Guide, 2014-2015

Education. Employment. Entrepreneurship

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Carefully researched and meticulously organized, The Parnassah Guide is a comprehensive career guide designed specifically for the frum community. Up to date and easy to read, it covers the full spectrum of education and career options for the frum community and is the ultimate resource for anyone planning their financial future.

The guide features:
  • In depth articles designed to help explore the answer to that most important question: "What kind of career should I pursue?"
  • Full coverage of all career options with detailed job descriptions,information about potential salaries, career skills and requirements and how to meet them - plus testimonials from people in each career, presenting a first-hand report the pros and cons.
  • Information on the world of long-distance learning including online courses and how to decide if that's the right choice for you, as well as options for scholarships and grants.
  • A directory of courses and classes that are tailored to the frum person and their specific needs, to ensure they learn the skills necessary to secure a job and succeed.
  • A complete listing of agencies that can help find and get that perfect job -covering the range of need from career coaches to job placement agencies and resume writers.
  • For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a step by step guide to starting a business, where to find general and financial advice, and of course, an up to date list of premier business consultants.

    A word from the experts:
    "This book is an excellent resource for those seeking a career... It is also a guide to the vast resources that are available within our community for finding the training necessary to succeed."
    - Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger,Chairman of the board, Professional Career Services

    "... a great resource for anyone either looking for a career or looking to change careers. I highly recommend this guide." - Jacob Engel, Y.E.D.A.

    "The Parnassah Guide is certain to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking to earn a parnassah." - Zisha Novoseller, Yishai Polon EPI Networking
  • Specifications

    • ITEM #: 7053
    • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
    • ISBN: 978-159826-068-7
    • Weight: 1.0900 lbs
    • Binding: Paperback / 308 pages
    • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim
    • Editor: Chavi Mermelstein

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