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My Very First Book

For Tiny Tots and Toddlers

by Miriam Halevi

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My Very First Book
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This innovative text is really two marvelous books in one: As you turn these colorful, read-aloud pages, children learn about their own “outer world,” while you learn about your child’s own “inner world.”

Through nearly 100 beautifully-illustrated pages, toddlers and pre-readers gain familiarity with clothing, animals, safety, foods, games, cleanliness, toys, Shabbos, and Holidays. They also learn more abstract concepts such as one/many, big/small, tall/short, hot/cold, up/down, whole/broken, colors; also about emotions: happiness, fear, sadness, confusion, laughter; as well as training in good middos and Derech Eretz. And at every step along the way, the author provides a helpful array of insights, guidelines, and suggested activities that enhances communication and strengthens the emotional bond between parents and children.

My Very First Book is a carefully designed, interactive text that helps young children develop language and communication skills and a love for books, as it fosters that special closeness between parent and child; and it does so in a way that is as entertaining as it is educational, and is very likely become your child’s most memorable book!


  • ITEM #: 130
  • Binding: 96 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim
  • Editor: Sherie Gross
  • Illustrator: G. P.

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  • Excellent!

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    • 7/30/14

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    • Happy Ma

    This book is great! The author gives advice on how to generate discussion based on the pictures. There are a wide variety of pictures and mini stories that make this book enjoyable over and over again!

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