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Modesty: An Adornment for Life: Day by Day (2 vol)

Halachos and attitudes concerning tzniyus of dress and conduct, arranged for daily study

by Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk

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A new edition of the popular work on the laws of Tzniyus, divided into daily sections; provides insights and practical advice on all aspects of dress and behavior. With this new format, daily learning is easy, in just 5 minutes a day!


  • ITEM #: 5701
  • Dimensions: 6x9
  • ISBN: 978-1-58330-341-3
  • Weight: 3.7500 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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Customer Reviews

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  • one of the best books on tznius

    • |
    • 12/10/15

    • |
    • Yisroel Simcha

    So good that our teenage daughter specifically requested it.

  • For every Jewish girl and woman. A MUST HAVE BOOK!

    • |
    • 1/5/14

    • |
    • Mama mitzvah

    Rabbi Falk writes beautifully about the topic of tznius. We see as we go through the sefer that tznius is not just a matter of length of sleeves. It is a factor that permeates our thoughts, speech, actions and almost every aspect of our life. The Jewish girl and woman is a walking billboard for Judaism. We must be aware at all times that we are standing before the King of all Kings and conduct ourselves as such. Rabbi Falk does a wonderful job of bringing home this essential thought. This a wonderful sefer for a daughter and mother to learn together. I cannot praise it highly enough.

  • The perfect gift at home, to friends

    • |
    • 1/5/14

    • |
    • Hannah

    This book provides all the halachos, comments, infos, a woman needs to know to keep the essential laws of tznius. It is perfect to study at home, as well as a present.

  • Best Halacha Book for modesty

    • |
    • 1/5/14

    • |
    • Modest Anytime Designer

    As a designer of modest Jewish clothing at, I learn from this book diligently in designing and constructing my garments for modest Jewish women and girls. This and "The Tznius Handbook" companion are essential in any observant Jewish home.

4 Item(s)

per page

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