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Mishpat Hakinyan (Hebrew Only)

by Harav Ovadiah Yosef Toledano

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A new approach to the Sugios of monetary Halachah, in light of newly developed technology in the realm of business dealings in the modern world. This Sefer brings Halachic details and their sources in the Rishonim and Acharonim, the Poskim and Dayanim in Botei Din throughout the ages, summarizing the Halachos and their sources with clarity. This Sefer also clearly explains modern technology, such as: credit cards, the formulation of contracts for sale or rental, checks and virtual business deals, and more. With the approbations of Gedolei Yisrael.


  • ITEM #: 4780
  • ISBN: 4780F
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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