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A Malach in Our Midst

The Legacy of a Treasured Rebbi Harav Mosheh Twersky

by Rabbi Yehoshua Berman

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A life so uplifting, it just had to be shared…

Among the five Kedoshim tragically taken from us in the Har Nof terrorist attack was HaRav Mosheh Twersky: a Gadol B’Torah who personified Chazal’s view of an ideal Rebbe as someone who has the likeness of an angel – completely absorbed in fulfilling the ratzon HaShem. In fact, he embodied Kiddush HaShem, not only in death, but with every breath of his life.

Based upon the recollections and reflections of family, friends, and talmidim, this illuminating portrait is studded with vivid memories, inspiring anecdotes, historical background, Rav Mosheh’s Torah teachings, together with 160 photographs.Beautifully written by a devoted talmid, A Malach In Our Midst offers readers a majestic glimpse into the life of a remarkable individual.

For those who knew him, every page will rekindle a precious memory of Rav Mosheh’s indomitable spirit; and for those who never had the privilege, this volume will enthrall and transform you with its warmth, wisdom, and a sacred legacy of what exalted heights one can reach in Avodas HaShem.


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  • Vital book to read and appreciate

    • |
    • 11/25/16

    • |
    • Tzvi

    Even if gadol books aren't your thing, this is well worth reading. There isn't one word of exagaration in the entire book. It opens up the world of someone who lived in our times, interacted with the regular people in the world, came across as completely "normal", yet reached the highest pinnacle of Torah and Avodas HaShem. It's breathtaking to see what a human being is capable of becoming, even in today's society!

  • special!

    • |
    • 11/22/16

    • |
    • mike

    I haven't read this yet, but my 5 stars is based on who this person was! I'm sure it's a great buy and I hope to read it very soon!

2 Item(s)

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