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Makom She'baalei Teshuvah Omdim (Hebrew Only)

by Dan Teyumkin

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Written from the experiences of a senior lecturer for a renowned outreach organization, himself a ba'al teshuva, this books serves as a unique guide for long-time ba'alei teshuva, beginners, and anyone working in kiruv. The book does not teach how to become a chozer b'teshuva but rather it contains clear guidelines for achieving a balanced way of life. It combines Torah and mitzvos with the various conflicts that the ba'al teshuva often must deal with in his or her new way of life. The author shows the reader how to incorporate menuchas hanefesh, peace of mind, while highlighting the importance of keeping shalom bayis and educating the next generation.


  • ITEM #: 5058
  • ISBN: 5058F
  • Weight: 1.0900 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 170 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim

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