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You're married, now what?

by Esther Gross

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Brimming with vibrant imagery, MA-Zel Tov, You're Married, Now What? centers on what we need to employ and implement in our most special human relationship. Whether newly married or old-timers, hands-on, profound guidance, coupled with captivating, telling photographs will awaken the heart and soul. Readers will set about renewing their commitment to their beloved with open communication, mutual trust, an ethic of generosity and faith in the One Above Who will direct, support and guide them along the journey that is marriage.

Inspired by Torah sources, and brimming with vibrant imagery, the author of “You Are Not Alone”, “Chazak” and “AmA-Zing Parenting” imparts her experience, vision and perception of human relationships. Incredibly concise and beautifully written, this hands-on, profound guidance will awaken couples to a renewed commitment to each other.

MA-Zel Tov makes the perfect gift: for each other, newly-marrieds and always-marrieds.


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  • Dimensions: 5.7" x 5.7"
  • ISBN: 978-159826-046-5
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  • Binding: Pocket Hard Cover / 72 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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  • Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel

    • |
    • 5/14/14

    • |
    • Kathe Pinchuck

    Advice for the soon-to-be married and already married is presented in alphabetical order. Each double fold includes a clear color photograph on the right side of the page; a short statement of rhyme appears on the left, as well as a quote from either the Tanach or a Jewish source. For the letter M: “Marriage is like planting a tree: persistent nagging can sap its energy; it requires time and space, to spread and grow at its own pace; only then can it produce fruits plentifully.”

    Other key words include “aspire,” “verbalize,” and “focus.” At the end of the book is a poem
    entitled “Let Us Make a Deal,” and an additional alphabetical listing of “Marriage Motivational
    Musings,” which includes advice like “be a lifter, not a leaner” and “treat your partner as if they
    were what they could be.”

    As with alphabet books for any age, the focus and use of letters is important. While the focus
    is clear, the advice can be applied to any relationship, not specifically to marriage. The use of
    some words for certain letters is often a stretch. For N, the statement begins “Note: treat your
    partner as you would treat yourself.” For S, “Set a warm environment.” For W, “Weed out
    unrealistic expectations” is the recommendation given. The ever-challenging “X” guides the
    reader to “Xemplify [sic] refined character traits.” Some of the rhymes are forced, and not all
    the advice is given in rhyme, which makes for a somewhat uneven read. The book makes a cute gift, but it is an optional purchase for most libraries.

  • An alphabet soup of inspiration

    • |
    • 4/1/14

    • |
    • BasyaK

    You don’t have to be newly married to benefit from this little volume. The author offers, in alphabetical format, words of wisdom designed to keep us focused on what is important in marriage, and in life. Passages in poetry and prose succinctly guide readers from the chuppah through the ups and downs, joys and challenges that are part of everyone’s marital existence: “Display your appreciation in a tangible way:/A small gift on a no-occasion day,/Illustrates more than an artist can portray,/And significantly more than text messaging can convey.” “Unite as allies to achieve a common goal./ Exchange the haughtiness of ‘I’ and ‘me’/ with the nobleness of ‘us’ and we.’/Marriage is two complete halves of one complete whole.”

    Accompanied by beautiful photographs, Esther Gross’ new offering joins her previous works in helping us traverse the terrain of our lives and interact positively with others along the way. It belongs in every Jewish home.

2 Item(s)

per page

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