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Let's Learn Middos!

An Interactive Book of Rhymes

by Bruriah D.

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Let's Learn Middos!
2 editions available below.

More than just a book, this is a treasure--for young and old alike!


Bring your child into the inspiring world of Torah greats, teaching them the value of humility through full-color illustrations and endearing rhyme. This book, fifth in the Let's Learn Middos! Series, is a real winner, leaving kids with a lasting impression--and plenty of food for thought. Each plasticized page features a story, told in rhyme, leaving an open-ended question whose answer is revealed beneath a folded-over flap, giving children the excitement of guessing at what truly transpired. What did Rav Boruch Ber Leibowitz do to flee from honor? What happened when the Vilna Gaon solved a thorny problem for a gentile professor? How did Rav Moshe Feinstein show humility without offending the shamash? This book will enthrall every reader.


  • ITEM #: 394
  • ISBN: 394
  • Published by: Feldheim
  • Illustrator: Heler, Moti
  • Translated by: M. Rosen

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  • A Stellar Series!

    • |
    • 8/11/15

    • |
    • Bubbie Camper

    This is just one volume in the series --- we love them all! Stunning full page, full color illustrations complement the charming rhymes that tell the stories of our Gadolim and their wonderful middos.
    Each one-page story is complete and features a surprise or hidden ending, which allows the reader to ask the listeners how they might solve the problem, complete the mitzvah or avoid doing something like embarrassing a fellow Jew. Then flip the fold and see that the Gadol did!
    Enchanting and educating, just right for one or two at bedtime because they give something to really think about. Pages are a plastic so they will last over many readings. A wonderful choice and a publishing achievement!!

1 Item(s)

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