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Based on Teachings of the Rebbes of Chabad

by Rabbi Michoel A. Seligson , Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

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This unique compendium summarizes dozens of core Chabad teachings that explain and inspire Jewish faith and observance. Drawn from the vast body of works of the Rebbes of Chabad, it will engage, educate, and inspire readers from all backgrounds. A concise bottom-line, plus an extensive list of follow-up references round out this encyclopedic collection that can be read in minutes, yet inspire for a lifetime.

About the Author:

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein is a scholar, creative thinker, and author of over a dozen introductory books on areas of Jewish interest. His works have helped thousands around the world live a fuller and richer Jewish life.

Rabbi Michoel A. Seligson is a leading lecturer on Chabad Chasidut and author of a number of works relating to Chasidic thought and practice. He has also served as a scholar-in-residence for many Chabad institutions worldwide


" Finally! Rabbis Goldstein and Seligson have created an amazingly clear and comprehensive work that introduces people from all walks of life to the wisdom of Chabad Chassidut, one that can serve as a wonderful resource for every home, school, and Chabad House worldwide."

Rabbi Manis Friedman, world-renowned Chassidic Scholar, author, and lecturer.

" There's a lot of wisdom packed into this well-written and clearly organized book ... will inspire and uplift anyone who reads it."

Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of "Toward A Meaningful Life".

" In clear precise language, Rabbis Goldstein and Seligson, two ardent and profound students of Chassidut, convey a great deal of valuable information about Judaism - and do so on page after page. The reader will learn a lot, and no less important, have a wonderful time while doing so."

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Author of "Rebbe" and "Jewish Literacy".

" The most concise, eloquent, and broad guide about Jewish life and belief through the lens of Chabad teachings ever produced in English."

Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen, author of "Permission to Believe"" and "Permission to Receive."


  • ITEM #: 7661
  • Dimensions: 8.5X11
  • ISBN: 9781891293290
  • Weight: 1.6690 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 184 pages
  • Published by: The Jewish Learning Group

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