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In Their Shadow, Vol. 1

Wisdom and Guidance of the Gedolim Volume One: Chazon Ish, Brisker Rav, Rav Shach

by Rabbi Shlomo Lorincz

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Translated from the best-selling Hebrew title B'Mechitzasam Shel Gedolei Hador #1, this fascinating book offers readers an intimate glimpse into the lives of three recent Gedolei HaDor, The Chazon Ish, The Brisker Rav, and Rav E.M. Shach.

This fascinating book contains a wealth of authentic stories, teachings, sayings, and first-hand encounters with the author. Uplifting and deeply insightful, this vivid account of a history just passing belongs on every Jewish bookshelf.


  • ITEM #: 4747
  • ISBN: 978-1-59826-207-0
  • Weight: 1.8180 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 453 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers
  • Translated by: Yonason Rosenblum

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