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How Free Will Works

The Blueprints to Take Charge of Your Life, Health, and Happiness

by Dovid Lieberman PH.D

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A Complete Guide to the Most Potent Force in Creation!


How Free Will Works sheds fascinating light on the cosmic network of interlacing forces that operate in creation — such as Divine providence, mazal, and prayer — and reveals the power and parameters assigned to each.

More valuable still, this groundbreaking achievement explains how free will intersects with, and impacts on, these forces — which give us the practical and near-magical ability to maximize opportunities,sidestep unnecessary hardship and heartache, and transform our emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

As the dazzling design and sweeping influence of free will emerges, we move in a world that offers us a different experience. and it will become increasingly difficult — if not inconceivable — for us to ignore the one truth that will become so patently obvious: we control the quality of our lives.

Dr. Lieberman offers practical skills and strategies to help us to grow and realize our full potential.
-HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlit'a

I humbly recommend this book for scholar and layman alike. It is vital and urgent reading that will make a deep and everlasting effect on the earnest reader. -HaRav Naftali Jaeger shlit"a, Rosh Yeshiva, Sh'or Yoshuv

"Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude. Our 17 year old son was having a lot of Issue. One Shabbos, he picked up my copy of your book and started reading It He read for what must have been 5 hours straight. We didn't dare Interrupt as he hates to read and rarely does It's been 2 months since that Shabbos. We needed to tell you that your book didn't change our son, It saved him."

"I'm a 47 year-old woman who has suffered with extremely low self-esteem all of my life ... After I made the changes ]suggested in the book]l instantly began to see myself differently. Today, I can honestly say, " I love myself. I really, really love myself!"

"Everyone laughed when I said, 'I stopped drinking and gambling.' Now, there's not a single person In my life who's not completely amazed ... and amazingly proud. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"This is the best personal growth Torah-based book I have ever read. The section on willpower is so powerful. I'm particularly grateful because for the first
time in my life , l'm finally in control of myself. I was able to kick an extremely bad addiction."

"The chapter on
bitachon made into an entirely different person. I used to worry about everything. Not anymore ... and my wife and grown kids are flabbergasted."

About the author:
David Lieberman, Ph.D., is a noted speaker and award-winning author with a renowned insight into the human condition. His ten books, which have been translated into 26 languages and include two New York Times bestsellers, have sold more than three million copies worldwide. Blending the wisdom of Torah with the psychological process, Dr. Lieberman's writings and lectures captivate both scholar and layman alike, and are enjoyed by people at all levels and from all backgrounds.


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  • Fascinating volume about human nature, self esteem and choice

    • |
    • 11/12/15

    • |
    • Daniel Ritz

    This book is for someone who wants to learn about what drives human nature, emotion, and motivation in a perspective solidly grounded in Torah sources as well as the science of psychology. The author uses both classical psychological thought (e.g. Freud) as well as findings from modern studies. It is easy to read, while at the same time I find I need to re-read and more deeply consider each concept. Side note- some good attention was invested in the book's layout design. I feel I am holding a volume for serious study, not a pop self-help book.


    • |
    • 1/28/15

    • |
    • CHAIM


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