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Sichos Avodas Levi, R' Ruderman (Hebrew Only)

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The sichos of Rav Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman zt’l, Rosh Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, on Parshas Hashavua, the Moadim, and hespedim that he delivered on various Gedolei Yisroel.

Contains extensive mafteichos and a short biography outlining the Rosh HaYeshiva’s life and legacy.


  • ITEM #: 7581
  • Dimensions: 7X9.5
  • ISBN: 7581F
  • Weight: 2.5180 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover / 532 pages
  • Published by: Distributed By Feldheim

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  • Very well done, fascinating intro & easy to read and understand

    • |
    • 12/27/17

    • |
    • Sefarim Collector

    This sefer is a masterfully revised and expanded version of Sichos Levi, by close talmid Reb Avrohom Askowitz. Talmidim of Rav Ruderman attest to the clarity and accuracy of the shmuessen, put together from his own notes as well as from notes from many talmidim.
    The mini-biography is a fascinating look into the Yeshiva World that was in Europe before the Holocaust as well as what building Torah in America took and looked like. Mafteichos in the back are quite impressive and make finding any and every topic easy.

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