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Go To Yourself

Transformation through Jewish Wisdom and Psychology

by Aryeh Sampson

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Deep down, we all sense that finding meaning and fulfillment depends on finding ourselves. But how can we do this? Go to Yourself is based on Rabbi Israel Salanter’s unique approach to creating personal transformation, which includes three concepts: Awareness, Control and Transformation.

• Awareness (hergesh) means to gain self-knowledge and insight into oneself.
• Control (kevishah) comes next. It refers to taking conscious control over our inner negative influences.
• Transformation (tikkun) occurs when the ‘deceptive self’ (yetzerhara) is transformed to follow the wishes of the true, good, inner self - in beautiful harmony.

Finally, Rav Israel’s trans-formative teachings are available to the English-speaking public. Go to Yourself enables each of us to find ourselves - and find happiness.

Aryeh Sampson has a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling and is an accredited member of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy. He has rabbinical ordination and holds a Masters in Jewish Studies. He has a private practice in individual and couples counseling in North London and counsels internationally by phone and Skype. He also gives workshops, lectures and seminars on psychotherapy and Judaism. He lives with his wife and children in London, England.


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  • ISBN: 978-1937887-88-9
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  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Published by: Mosaica Press

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