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From Darkness to Dawn

A touching story of tragedy, faith, overcoming challenges, and transformation

by Bracha Pearl Toporowitch

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Sarah Perlman was a typical American young wife and mother. After getting married, she and her Israeli husband Chaim lived in Lakewood, NJ, and then moved to Bnai Brak, Israel. Although shy and easily overwhelmed with irrational fears, she still managed her life fairly well, juggling work with raising her family. Life seemed quite simple and good until one day… tragedy! Chaim's accident and subsequent brain injury turned her life upside down and thrust her into the depths of despair.

Join Sari Perlman as she strives to save her husband, marriage - and herself. Ride with her on the roller coaster of emotions as she struggles with decision-making and assertiveness. Discover the wise counsel and support of her esteemed and holy Rav, and the warmth and comfort of her dear friend.

A story of challenge and courage, of struggle and deep faith, you'll laugh and cry together with Sari Perlman. This unique work is a real page-turner!

This is a Novel

About the Author:

Bracha Pearl Toporowitch was born in London, England. A wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, she grew up in Brooklyn and her high school years were spent under the tutelage of Rebbetzin Vichne Kaplan a'h. After marriage, she lived in Lakewood, NJ during the time Reb Shneur Kotler zt'l was Rosh Yeshiva and then made Aliyah to Israel with her family. She currently lives in Zichron Yaakov, Israel. She has been working with women in various capacities since 1969, and since 1999 as a Guided Imagery practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Mrs. Toporowitch gives shiurei Torah in Hebrew and English and always weaves true Jewish hashkafa into her work as a practitioner. She has recently opened a Mind-Body Healing Fertility Clinic in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. She is the author of the riveting account of the life of her father "At Your Command."


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Customer Reviews

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  • Truly Inspirational!

    • |
    • 1/2/19

    • |
    • Tzivi

    I could not put this book down! It was well written and extremely inspiring! This book is a must read for anyone who wants to grow in their Emunah and Bitachon, as well as open up their eyes to many varied techniques of healing Hashem has placed in this world, for our benefit!

  • A Beautiful story

    • |
    • 7/30/18

    • |
    • Blumy

    Beautiful, Very inspiring' A lot of אמונה ובטחון , A great ending, you will love reading the book This book is different-you will really be inspired by it

  • Inspirational and wonderous!

    • |
    • 7/29/18

    • |
    • Ruby

    What an inspirational and amazing account of healing. The emunah and dedication to persevere and never give up the battle until Hashem finally helps, moved me to tears. If only we always understood that true healing combines the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person how much more easily would we overcome our challenges. I would recommend this book anyone who asked me for my opinion.

  • An excellent read!

    • |
    • 7/25/18

    • |
    • Gittel

    I found this book fascinating. It was interesting to learn how a person who suffered so much could be helped in a most natural and compassionate manner without the use of any type of medications.
    Hashem has given us such a remarkable tool which can be utilized to help others.
    A book definitely worth reading!

4 Item(s)

per page

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