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For The Love of Torah

Stories and Insights of Rav Nosson Zvi Finkel zt"l

by Hanoch Teller

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Be Inspired by the Life of this Contemporary Gadol, as Only Hanoch Teller Can Tell It!


When a close talmid for over three decades recalls his interactions, the challenges and the triumphs of his rebbe, it is always worthwhile reading. But when the talmid is the renowned author, Rabbi Hanoch Teller, whose poignant pen has made him the King of the Story Tellers, we know we have encountered required reading. No one learned by Reb Nosson Zvi longer than Hanoch Teller, and no one is more qualified to tell the inspiring tale of how the all-American from Chicago rose to become the rosh yeshivah of the largest yeshivah of contemporary times.

Marshaling historic expertise, Rabbi Teller traces the history of the Mirrer yeshivah from its roots in Slabodka all the way through its exile in the Orient, reestablishment in Israel until its metamorphosis into the unparalleled Torah center it is today. Full of anecdotes, practical lessons, wisdom and humor, this is a book that you will cherish and consult for a lifetime. It is the ultimate story of how challenge and disease, financial roadblocks and liabilities can all be overcome, For the Love of Torah.

Includes 32 pages of color photographs.


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Customer Reviews

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  • Superb!

    • |
    • 11/26/12

    • |
    • Yael

    This is a book that you can't put down. Rabbi Teller's masterful writing combined with his unique perspective of having been a talmid of the Rosh Yeshiva for many years make this title a must-read!

  • Wow!

    • |
    • 3/6/12

    • |
    • Avi

    Excellent writing! once again Rabbi Teller uses his mastery of prose to light up the heart, while giving clear insight in to one of the greatest minds of our generation.

2 Item(s)

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