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For Everything A Time

A Journey Through the Year

by Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

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Ron Yitzchok Eisenman's bestselling The Elephant in the Room took the Jewish world by storm. Its fascinating stories, uplifting messages, and thought-provoking essays on Jewish life got people (and reviewers & blogs) talking about issues of the day with fascinating and original perspectives.

In For Everything a Time, Rabbi Eisenman walks us through the Jewish year. Speaking to us as a wise friend, he shares meaningful (and, sometimes, challenging) experiences that help us reflect on what it means to be a human being - and a Jew - in the world today. As we travel through time, in this volume, we witness history and deepen our appreciation of those inspirational individuals who are the true heroes of our nation. This book also prepares us to experience the Jewish holidays in a whole new way, peeking into the lives of other families and communities, and bringing their triumphs and tragedies into our hearts and souls.

For Everything a Time can be read in one sitting as a work of depth, humor, and inspiration or it can serve as a handy reference to be consulted at appropriate times throughout the year. No matter how you read this magical work, doing so will be time well spent.


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  • Great Book

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    • 7/30/13

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    • th

    This book has an appropriate and thought provoking (and sometimes tear provoking) essay for every time of the year, and then some.
    A must buy, and a must read over and over again.

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