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Daas Sofrim (Hebrew Only)

by Chaim Dov Rabinowitz

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Daas Sofrim (Hebrew Only)
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The first volumes of the remarkable Da'as Sofrim series, now available in a new, beautiful, and updated edition! A sweeping, comprehensive look at the books of Nevi'im, woven from the commentaries and interpretations of our Sages. In this wonderful series, the words of the Navi come alive, giving insight and understanding to every reader. A vital tool for those who teach Nevi'im, this sefer is a classic in our times, with annotations and extensive references along with remarks from Rav Avigdor Nebenzahl, shlita. Also includes "Shiurei Da'as" - practical guides for teachers, delineating the lessons and morals derived from each sefer and maps from every era.


  • ITEM #: 403
  • ISBN: 403
  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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