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Health: A Natural Approach

by Yael Tusk

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When it comes to preserving one’s health, the better we understand our options, the better off we’ll be. Barring genuine emergencies, whichever path of medicine we choose, we usually have time to get informed. With a little research, we can find out what Western, Chinese, and other natural/holistic paths of healing suggest.

In this fascinating book by one of the Jewish world’s most renowned practitioners of Chinese medicine, readers will learn about effective alternatives to healing in areas as diverse as sunburns, fluoride, water consumption, cholesterol & heart disease, antibiotics, childbirth & newborns, ADHD – and much more.

This wonderful work provides the first step to making good decisions for ourselves and our families – knowledge of health options.

About the Author:

Yael Tusk, M.Sc. is trained in designing and evaluating scientific studies and specializes in researching and debunking scientific myths. In addition to researching and writing, she is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in Jerusalem where she treats both adults and children.


“Very educational, people will benefit from this book. Worth reading.”

Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky shlita.


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  • ISBN: 9781946351371
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  • Binding: Hard Cover / 235 pages
  • Published by: Mosaica Press

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  • Impactful health concepts, easy read and low maintenance solutions

    • |
    • 9/18/18

    • |
    • greensteve

    I read many of the 33 chapters one or two per day because I wanted to think about each one and remember the information. Many areas of health were explored in a deep yet simple and clear manner.

    Example, most people know that sugar plays a major role in tooth decay but few realize: “It is because sugar causes malnutrition and malnutrition weakens the teeth which makes them susceptible to decay.”

    Another example is cholesterol -- it is not the enemy we have bee taught it to be. Did you know that HDL and LDL are not cholesterol? They are the vehicles that carry cholesterol and fat through the bloodstream. Your brain contains about 25% of the cholesterol in your body. It therefore shouldn't surprise us that cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) are associated with memory failure.

    One of the biggest take away's for me was an insightful reiteration and demonstration of how greatly our health depends upon the food we eat or don’t eat. This information should resonate well with people and help us combat the non-stop 'junk' food and prescription drug advertising we are subjected to on a daily basis.

    What I especially liked is that the book presents various alternative solutions to health ills which are less invasive than 'last resort' prescriptions. Everyone will get something out of this book and it is well referenced for people who want to look deeper into specific issues.

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