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Healing in Halachah

by Rabbi Michah A. Cohn

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The questions start with 'What is permissible or not on Shabbos' but don't end there. This incredible work - the fruit of years of specialization in the area by Rabbi Micah Cohn - cover areas such as Shabbos, Yom Tov, endangering oneself to help others, shidduchim, pregnancy and birth, end of life issues, and the under-explored but fascinating and crucial subject of mental health.

In his encyclopedic and engaging style, Rabbi Cohn finds sources, parallels and examples from the length and breadth of Jewish life and scholarship to illustrate contemporary questions and issues. Though extremely practical, it is not a practical guide to medical halachah. It is a unique, thought provoking overview and appreciation of these complex issues. Of great interest to patients, caregivers, and medical professionals, this valuable work will be an indispensable resource to all fascinated about Torah guidance in the realms of medicine and mental health.


"This work is written with brilliance and clarity and will be a great asset to clarify serious issues in the field of medicine which today there is a great need for."

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Talmudic Academy of Philadelphia

"The author did a great thing by giving direction in these serious areas so they shouldn't be left to each individual to decide on their own. It is also a great asset to Torah scholars in understanding the intricacies of these questions and relevant halachic sources to properly render halachic decisions on these matters."

Rabbi Yaakov Efrayim Forcheimer, Senior Poseik, Beth Medrash Govoha


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  • Binding: Hard Cover / 264 pages
  • Published by: Mosaica Press

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Customer Reviews

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  • Not Just For Doctors!!

    • |
    • 10/2/17

    • |
    • A Talmid (LB)

    An amazing book written by an amazing person. It`s not just for doctors. The average ben torah looking to expand his yedios klulios will love this sefer. Everyday topics discussed by bochurim, yungeleit, and even (or especially) professionals are discussed and put into halachic perspective. Rav Micha brings to the table experience, comprehension, and most of all a vast well of yedias hatorah. This sefer is a must have for everyone!

  • Rabbi Cohen is an exceptional talmud chacham

    • |
    • 2/7/17

    • |
    • Shimon

    I have been learning from R' Cohen for over 10 years now. A buki in sha"s and poskim this book will be of value to anyone serious about understanding these complex issues. Kol hakavod!

  • Haflei Vafela

    • |
    • 2/5/17

    • |
    • rabbi kaganovich

    Rav Cohn is a fantastic Magid Shiur and now brings in print his talent to the forum community. kol haKavod

3 Item(s)

per page

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