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Commerce and Issurei Hana'ah

The laws of benefitting from forbidden items in today's business world

by Rabbi Yosef Kushner

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Commerce and Issurei Hana'ah In the span of just a few years, the rapid advance of modern technology has changed the face of trade and commerce. Together with other changes in business, this has given rise to a host of issurei hana'ah related halachic questions not clearly addressed by previous poskim.

  • a Jew, whose business offers chametz products on amazon, sells all his chametz to a gentile prior to Pesach. May he continue to operate his business on Pesach?
  • Is it permitted to accept affiliate marketing revenues from the sales of issurei hana'ah?
  • Is one permitted to purchase stocks in a company that buys and sells non-kosher food?
  • Is there a halachically permissible way for a Jew to own a nursing home that serves its patients nonkosher food as well as issurei hana'ah?
  • Is one permitted to purchase beer that was brewed in a Trappist brewery?

Following upon the success of his popular Commerce and Shabbos, Rabbi Yosef Kushner clarifies these as well as hundreds of other issues in a relevant, clear, and concise way. Included in this work are many original p'sakim from the venerable rosh Kollel of Kollel Avreichim Institute for Advanced Judaic studies in Toronto and Av Beis Din of Bais Hora'ah of Lakewood, Hagaon Harav Shlomo Miller shlita. Commerce and Issurei Hana'ah, with its clear, down-to-earth style and comprehensive footnotes, provides informative answers for both the inquiring businessman as well as the accomplished scholar.


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  • Binding: Hard Cover / 313 pages
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