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Chaim Ephraim and the Shabbos Guests

by Lori Holzman

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"Let me think," Chaim thought, "I'm not good at math."
"But with double the people, I'll only get half."

All Shabbos morning, Chaim Ephraim is looking forward to his favorite food -- cholent. As one surprise guest after another pile into his dining room, his worries grow: will there be enough left for him? But when the cholent is finally served, Chaim Ephraim discovers something incredible about the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim...

Children will laugh at the zany scenarios, brought to life by Lori Holzman's captivating rhymes and Rachel Edlestein's delightful illustrations, as they learn a valuable lesson about sharing with others.


  • ITEM #: 7138
  • Dimensions: 8.5"X11"
  • ISBN: 978-1-59826-075-5
  • Weight: 0.7900 lbs
  • Binding: Large Format / 33 pages
  • Published by: Feldheim Pubishers
  • Illustrator: Rachel Edelstein

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Customer Reviews

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  • Adorable!

    • |
    • 3/20/15

    • |
    • Batya

    This book was so funny! I loved all the hilarious reasons people gave for why they needed to come over for Shabbos lunch. It really made me laugh!

  • Finally the perfect book to read aloud to the grandchildren! I highly recommend this book!

    • |
    • 3/17/15

    • |
    • Judith

    Finally the perfect book to read aloud to the grandchildren! I highly recommend this book!

  • Fantastic

    • |
    • 3/16/15

    • |
    • Bubbe

    Such a great book. Such a cute plot and illustrations! Loved it. Great for kids and adults. I dont know who enjoyed it more me or my children!

  • great!

    • |
    • 3/15/15

    • |
    • doc

    One of the best new Jewish children's books to enter the market! This is a sure hit! Looking forward to more books by this author!

4 Item(s)

per page

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