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What is DRM?

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a special coding encrypted into e-books (and other digital content) to protect the rights of the copyright holder.  DRM ensures that the files are only used in the manner intended by the author/publisher by preventing other uses, such as copying or printing the files.
An e-book which is encrypted with DRM may only be opened through a reader which can “communicate” with that specific DRM.

What is the DRM of Adobe®?

The DRM format of Adobe® is a system created by Adobe Systems Inc. which has become an industry standard. Many publishers and libraries are now using this standard to protect their e-books.  
A book which has been encrypted with Adobe® DRM can only be opened through a program which “communicates” with Adobe®. Many popular e-readers are programmed to be compatible with the DRM of Adobe®. For a list of compatible e-readers, click HERE.

What is Adobe® Digital Editions?

Adobe® Digital Editions is software you can download to your PC or laptop.  It serves as an e-reader for e-books which are encoded with the DRM of Adobe.  You can use it to read the e-books on your PC or laptop.  It offers special features to view and organize your e-books. For more information on how to use Digital Editions, click HERE.

Adobe® Digital Editions can also be used as a “bridge” from purchasing e-books to opening them on different popular e-readers.  Adobe limits the number of devices which can open a DRM-protected e-book. So, any device which will be opening your e-book needs to be "in touch" (authorized) with Adobe (through Digital Editions) to ensure the file is not copied unlawfully. Therefore, to open an Adobe®-protected e-book on your Nook or Kobo, you will first need to open it in Digital Editions. You will then be able to transfer it to your e-reader.   

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