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A Time to Dance

Marriage Tips with Humorous Quips

by Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland

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Let's be honest: It happens. Many a couple lose the spirit that they felt at their chasunah. All too often, things get stale.
How do we find the joy in our marriages, once again? How do we regenerate the spirit? How do we become better spouses? How does the oneness of the phenomenon of ishto kigufo and baalah kigufah proliferate?
Many words of mussar are inevitably distant from us. Too delicate and fragile to allow such words to permeate our being, we build mental walls of protection around ourselves that are impenetrable. In truth, these are not walls that protect us. They are destructive and debilitating as they proscribe change and rejuvenation. They are particularly damaging when they impinge on the delicate relationship of marriage.
What does work?
Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland is a renowned educator and bestselling author who, for decades, has successfully penetrated hearts and broken through barriers with his inimitable style of teaching. His genius lies in his ability to share deep and powerful messages in conjunction with humorous stories and jokes in the spirit of the classic Talmudic milsa d'bidichusa.
Through his wit, we become open to his teachings.
Through his wisdom, we become open to change and inspiration.
It is time to re-discover simchah in our marriages.
It is time to celebrate our lives together and the symphony of marriage.
It is time to recognize that the happiness we felt under the chupah can last a lifetime and that indeed, it is always: A Time to Dance.


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  • Published by: Mosaica Press

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