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4 Your Shabbos Table

For Parents, Young Adults, Deep Thinkers, And Everyone else

by Rabbi Moshe Speiser

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The Shabbos table is one of the most wonderful gifts that Hashem gave the Jewish nation. Throughout history, our Shabbos tables have played a significant role in transmitting Torah ideas and values.
Today, in our modern world the Shabbos table is more crucial than ever before. Modern technology has an almost unlimited array of distractions to lead us away from the Torah path and family values.
With his over 25 years experience in counseling and assisting parents and young adults, Rabbi Moshe Speiser has written this book to enable his fellow Jews to enhance their Shabbos table. Full of deep insights, practical advice and inspirational out of the ordinary true stories, this book will give parents and young adults much to think and talk about.
There are 54 Parshios in the Torah. For each one, you will find:
An in-depth, unique Dvar Torah for adults; An essay for young adults to enhance their Judaism, middos and inter-personal relationships; Parenting/Shalom Bayis Tip; Short story or anecdote.
The wisdom in this book will be an aid in strengthening family and inter-personal relationships, a guide for personal growth and a mind opener into the depths of our religion.


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Customer Reviews

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  • excellent

    • |
    • 10/2/16

    • |
    • parsha sefer adorer

    the stories hit the mark every time.

  • good for everyone

    • |
    • 6/16/16

    • |
    • debbie

    This sefer has something of interest for everyone. My daughter couldn't keep herself from reading all of the stories first!

  • well written, enjoyable and intellectual stimulating

    • |
    • 6/9/16

    • |
    • dyp

    Just read through several selections. Author has the ability to articulate abstract concepts in a plain speak format making this a pleasure for readers of any background. A great mix of hashkofa, musar, and chasidus.

  • a worthy purchase

    • |
    • 6/8/16

    • |
    • ema

    This book is the best bargain around. It kept me interested up until the very end, between the intriguing divrei torah, practical tips and valuable food for the thought, not to mention the personal anecdote.This book is sure to become a family favorite.

  • Adresses the needs of the generation

    • |
    • 6/8/16

    • |
    • TN

    A creative new slant on the Jewish scene ; impacts the reader where he\she is;
    Provides intellectual stimulation and leaves the reader thinking , and wanting more.

  • I really enjoyed this book

    • |
    • 6/7/16

    • |
    • sp

    This book is very interesting, covers a wide range of topics that are central to a Jewish family. The ideas were presented in a clear, reader friendly format. Yasher Koach!

  • good present cause it is a book for all ages and family members

    • |
    • 6/6/16

    • |
    • lls

    this is such a great book because the different sections give many aspects for the whole family to enjoy and also people with different styles will find themselves in it. go buy it! it is truly great!!

  • very fine book

    • |
    • 6/6/16

    • |
    • YY

    very fine book. deep thoughts and practical life guidance and information, together with inspiring authentic stories. very highly enjoyable for the whole family for the Sabbath table and in general!

  • Fascinating format, thought provoking

    • |
    • 6/3/16

    • |
    • neudmama

    A very well crafted, thoughtful presentation on the weekly Parsha. There really is something for everyone in the family! As well, it offers thought provoking topics that can be brought up at the Shabbos table.

9 Item(s)

per page

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