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Urim V'Tumim, 2 vols. (Hebrew Only)

by Rabbi Yehonasan Eibeschutz

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A new enhanced edition of Rabbi Yehonasan Eibeschutz's Urim V'Tumim from Rabbi Yechiel Michel Dzimitrovsky. These volumes have undergone extensive editing by a team of scholars proficient in Choshen Mishpat and includes corrections in punctuation, division of sections, and insertion of references. This amazing work also includes Levushei Choshen, a commentary on the Urim V'Tumim taken from Rabbi Yehonasan's shiurim on Choshen Mishpat by his disciple Rabbi A. Z. Auerbach. The set is complete with a compilation of commentaries from Achronim, indexes to Shas and Rambam, and well as a topical index. Makes for a priceless gift that any learner would enjoy. (Hebrew Only)


  • ITEM #: 5674
  • ISBN: 5674F
  • Weight: 6.7190 lbs
  • Binding: Hard Cover
  • Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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