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Sparks of Mussar

A Treasury of Words and Deeds of the Mussar Greats

by Rabbi Chaim Ephraim Zaitchik

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The giants of mussar, who strove to elevate the spiritual level of mankind through their ethical teachings, have left a rich legacy for generations to come. This volume offers a selection of these great sages' profound words and exemplary deeds, which serve to inspire and guide the reader towards self-improvement.

  • Reb Yisroel Salanter

  • The Alter of Kelm

  • Reb Itzele Peterberger

  • Rav Naftali Amsterdam

  • The Alter of Slabodka

  • The Chofetz Chayim

  • Reprinted May 2014 with a beautiful new cover design.


    • ITEM #: 2966
    • ISBN: 978-1-58330-128-9
    • Weight: 0.4700 lbs
    • Binding: Pocket Hard Cover / 260 pages

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