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Shabbos with Shuki

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Shabbos With Shuki

Shuki, the world's favorite Jewish computer character, is BACK! Designed for children of all ages, Shabbos with Shuki brings a family Shabbos experience to your computer with warmth, fun and entertainment. Shabbos with Shuki is guaranteed to instill in your children a love and appreciation for Shabbos that will make them look forward to Shabbos every week!

Experience a Complete Shabbos from Start to Finish!

Help Shuki prepare for Shabbos... Shop with Shuki... Sweep the floor with Shoshi... The grocery store... The flower man... Set the table... Ima lights candles... Sing Shalom Aleichem... Abba says Kiddush... Festive Shabbos meal... Shabbos Tefillah in Shul... Shabbos Zemiros... Seudah Shlishis... Watch the sun go down... Havdalah... and much more!

"Shabbat" or "Shabbos"? Shuki can say either one. Switch accents with a single mouse click!

Choose to watch Shuki or to play the interactive games. Either one is FUN! Shabbos with Shuki includes 10 interactive games!

  • Shuki Shopping Adventure -- Can Shuki catch the jumping fish before time runs out?
  • Set the Shabbos Table -- Can you get the Shabbos table ready? Challenge your memory!
  • Dress for Shabbos -- Help Abba, Ima, Shuki and Shoshi get dressed for Shabbos!
  • Shuki Goes to Shul -- Can you get Shuki to Shul on time? Be careful not to fall off the path!
  • The Hamavdil Train -- Which objects belong in each compartment?

BONUS -- Color, design, and print Shabbos Zemiros AND Shabbos Slogans!

Design and color your own custom Shabbos notes in Hebrew, such as "Shabbos Kodesh" or "Muktza", and in English, such as: "My room is clean for Shabbos", "I helped Ima prepare for Shabbos!", and more!

    Take a look at some Shabbos With Shuki screen shots!

    System Requirements:

    PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 64MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card, Pentium 233 or faster, 16-bit color or
    Macintosh: G3 233 or faster with System 8.5 or higher, CD-ROM drive


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    • Published by: Davka Corporations

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