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Understanding the Talmud

Understanding the Talmud

Do you do Daf Yomi? Do you use the Art Scroll?

Do you think you get what's going on?

Nope - we don't. We haven't even touched the surface. (Well maybe the surface)

This book is amazing - start applying it to every Sugia u learn and all of a sudden a whole new level shows up.

The book shows u a whole different view of the same Gemmara. By unveiling the structure - u see what is really happening and why its happening.

Beware - it will take absorb u till all u want is to go back and start all over again.

I just started using. I took a small portion - in the Art Scroll - white space to white space. And then started to break the structure apart. And it was amazing what u will find there!!!
Zale Tabakman