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The Hirsch Siddur

The Hirsch Siddur

I have great admiration for Rav Hirsch. His writings and commentaries have spoken to me more powerfully than any other single person, and he has enable me to understand things on a level I doubt I could have reached on my own. His interpretation of the siddur is no exception.

Unfortunately, the quality of the printing is not up to the usual standard I have come to expect from Feldheim. The print on many of the pages is blurred, or faded, or there is an appearance that the ink has run slightly. It has the appearance of a photocopy of a photocopy. The print size of the commentary is also rather small. Overall, this makes reading the siddur more difficult, which takes away from the amount of attention, energy, and effort I would like to devote to the content.

I hope that Feldheim will produce a new edition, newly typeset, with modern fonts, and with a better quality production than this edition.