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My Sole Desire

Illuminating essays on living with faith and closeness to Hashem

by Avraham Tzvi Kluger

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In our confusing times, people search for inspiration and meaning. By strengthening our emunah, we are better able to perceive Hashem in our daily lives. When the Jewish People received the Torah at Mount Sinai, we were infused with its inner light- the inner connection and holiness inherent in its words.

Based on the shiurim of Rav Avraham Tzvi Kluger, this book offers a fresh outlook on the world, connecting us to the inner meaning of Torah and mitzvos, thus revealing to us a life that is all closeness to G-d, love, faith, and joy.

My Sole Desire guides us through the changing stages and events of life, showing us how to remain focused on one goal: "Es panecha Hashem avakesh- Your face, Hashem, I seek!" Hashem's radiance will then shine through, bringing true light and warmth to every facet of our lives.


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  • ISBN: 978-1-59826-085-4
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  • Binding: Hard Cover / 397 pages
  • Published by: Distributed by Feldheim

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  • Amazing book! A must!

    • |
    • 3/12/15

    • |
    • Yidel

    This book has literally changed my life!
    I am more happier
    I think positive
    I feel really close to Hashem!
    Thank you Rabbi Kluger!

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