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iDaven for iPod

iDaven is the on-the-go Tefillah companion for your iPod! It contains the full Hebrew text of Mincha, Maariv, Birkat HaMazon, Al HaMichyah, and Tefilat HaDerech for your iPod Photo, iPod Nano, or 5th generation iPod.

With iDaven, there's no need to carry a spare Siddur with you for those Mincha moments - just open your iPod and pray! No need to search your purse for a bentcher - you've got your iPod! Sitting in the plane, Tefilat HaDerech is a breeze - read it on your iPod!

iDaven makes a great gift for the iPod fan in your family - it's simple, easy, and so cool!

iDaven features clear, razor-sharp vocalized Hebrew text on a white background. Each page of Hebrew text is a picture. Copy the pictures to your computer, synchronize with your iPod, and you're set!

To use iDaven, just go to the "Photo" menu of your iPod, select the appropriate folder -- Mincha, Maariv, Birkat HaMazon, Al HaMichyah, or Tefilat HaDerech, and the text will appear on the screen. Get iDaven and turn your iPod into a prayer powerhouse!

All Tefillot included in iDaven are in Nusach Ashkenaz.

    "Getting around the iPod's lack of support for Hebrew, the program cleverly use newer iPods' ability to display graphics to create a flip book that's easily scrolled through."

    Michael Gartenberg, Jupiter Research

    Click here to hear an interview aired on Israel National Radio about iDaven!

    "This program was incredibly simple to set up and use... a great idea and a wonderful piece of software."

    Gary Mazo,

System Requirements:

PC or Mac, iPod Photo, iPod with color display, iPod Nano, or 5th generation iPod


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  • Published by: Davka Corporations

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