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Heroic Children

Untold Stories of the Unconquerable

by Teller, Hanoch

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As Holocaust survivors become fewer and grow older, it is imperative that we not only remember those tragic events, but that we empower ourselves with the many lessons to be learned from those who endured the truly unspeakable.

In Heroic Children, noted author Hanoch Teller vividly chronicles the incredible lives and experiences of nine survivors who were only children when they encountered the unimaginable turbulence and horrors of the Holocaust. Each story, each voice - though born of pain and suffering - is unique and ultimately triumphant in its own way.

Heroic Children is filled with stories of courage, faith, sacrifice and survival, family devotion, the tenacity of hope in the face of evil, and the incomparable strength of Klal Yisroel. The heartwarming photographs of the nine survivors and their families, combined with Hanoch Teller's eloquent prose provide readers with an unforgettable reading experience.

You owe it to yourself — and your children — to read & share this remarkable book!


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Customer Reviews

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  • A must read book / not depressing

    • |
    • 7/26/15

    • |
    • Leah in VA

    I try to read Holocaust books during the 9 days and on Tisha B'Av. This year I read this book. First of all, it is very inspiring to read about the strength and love for Torah and Mitzvos these children displayed. You may think you've read and heard all there is to hear, but these stories do bring out different concepts. Each child's story is well documented. There is an epilogue to each child, so you aren't left wondering what happened to them after the Shoah. Finally, there are lovely pictures, but before and after.
    Some of the parts are heart wrenching. I would recommend this book for teenagers and up.

  • Stirring, insightful, and well worthwhile

    • |
    • 6/29/15

    • |
    • Shema

    I've only just completed readings the accounts of the first two children; I am compelled to purchase copies for those dear to me who will appreciate this work.

    Great will be the day when the God of Israel wipes all tears away from His children, and the inhabitants of the earth would in turn love Him and His people.

    - A Christadelphian

2 Item(s)

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