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We live in a changing world, and the dynamic nature of technology creates a challenging environment for the observant Jew. The Institute for Dayanim established a website, manned by Poskim and Dayanim of the highest caliber, to address Choshen Mishpat questions from around the globe. In its few short years in existence, the site has become very popular and this book is a compilation of some of the relevant, timely issues addressed by the website.

Among The Topics Discussed, In Over 150 Chapters:
• Paying Baby Sitters On Time
• Halachic Issues Of Changing Checks
• “Do Me A Favor” – Parameters Of Midas S’dom
• Liability For Faulty Repair
• Rabbinic Inheritance
• Evictions – Halachic Considerations
• Reporting Theft to Police
• Is Gambling Permitted?
• Severance for Yeshiva Rabbeim
• Unfair Work Practices
• Personal Bankruptcy
• Repaying A Shekel Loan In The US
• Borrowing Items And Losing Them
• Does A Tava’ah Override A Trust?
• Shadchanus
• Suitable Use Of Maaser Kesafim
• Job Interviews


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