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Halacha - Jewish Law

Delve into the depths of Jewish law--with a user-friendly, lucid English text to hold your hand. For both layperson and scholar, here's a treasure-trove of knowledge ripe for the taking.

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  1. Pocket Halacha: Tefillin

    Pocket Halacha: Tefillin
  2. Pocket Halacha: Hashavas Aveidah

  3. Halichot V'halachot: Halachic Insights

  1. The Pocket Halacha Series: Halachos of Spiritually Harmful Foods

  2. The Pocket Halacha Series

  3. Eilu V'eilu: Halachic Insights & Responsa

  1. The Concise Chofetz Chaim, pocket size

  2. Halachos for the Traveler

    Halachos for the Traveler
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  3. Summary of Halachos of the Three Weeks

  1. A Guide to the Arba Minim

    A Guide to the Arba Minim

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