Passover Books. So little time, so many choices!

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What books are “must haves” for Pesach? Inside Feldheim asked Moshe Grossman of Feldheim Publishers NY to share some thoughts with us. Moshe has been with Feldheim for almost 15 years, and is a very knowledgeable member of the NY Feldheim team.

Inside Feldheim: Moshe, what do you suggest for readers looking for books to prepare for Pesach this year?

Moshe:  You cannot begin preparing for Pesach without knowing the complex laws. I always suggest Rabbi Eider‘s classic Halachos of Pesach — the authoritative, complete guide to the laws of Passover. It gives you all you need to know in a clear format that will make studying these complex laws easy and accessible to all.

Also, readers can get an amazing education about the entire Jewish year in just three volumes with Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov’s beloved classic, Book of Our Heritage. An international best seller for fifty years, this work explores every holiday of the Jewish calendar and explains their laws and customs. Midrashic commentaries and insights of great Jewish thinkers and spiritual leaders enhance the heartwarming, inspiring text. This is a set of books you will pick up again and again and learn new things each time.

What about for kids?

Of course – an important question! Don’t forget to keep the children entertained while cleaning for Pesach and throughout yom tov with Genendal Krohn‘s Once Upon a Pesach. Beautifully illustrated by Tova Katz, this book is filled with Pesach related stories of remarkable self-sacrifice, commitment to mitzvos, simple faith in Hashem, and the value of a good deed. This is the perfect book for families to share throughout the Pesach season.

While we’re on the children,don’t forget Rabbi Baruch Chait’s Katz Haggadah: The Art of Faith and Redemption. For the seder, the creative genius of Rabbi Baruch Chait, combined with the superb skill of master illustrator Gadi Pollack, makes this haggadah really one-of-a-kind. The realistic illustrations will literally transport you back to Egypt, as it looked and felt during the Exodus. The torture our nation experienced, and the wonder of redemption are all captured in these life-like pictures. This is a Haggadah every family should own.

We are also very excited about the latest addition to our young readers’ collection: In the Footsteps of B’nei Yisroel in Mitzrayim. Based on classic sources and written in a full-color comic-style, this truly awesome volume contains a wealth of information that will keep children of all ages engrossed for hours as they journey with our ancestors through almost 100 pages of this exciting adventure.

What about for adults?

The Palace Gates Haggadah: Parables and Stories for the Pesach Seder provides a beautiful collection of classic meshalim (parables) to be shared at the seder or anytime throughout Pesach. It includes the entire Haggadah text in Hebrew and English in a beautiful format and makes a great gift.

I also suggest Rabbi Yosef Deutsch’s, Let My Nation Go  which transports readers back in time to relive the Pesach miracles as if they were actually in Egypt. This dramatic, vivid narrative tells the story of the slavery in Egypt and the wondrous Exodus we experienced, in a captivating, novel-like style, based on Talmudic and Midrashic sources. It is great for readers young and old.

A very helpful tool for the seder which will ensure that everyone has the correct portion of matzah and marror is the Seder Measurement Chart. The Torah gives specific quantities for the mitzvos of the Seder, and in order to fulfill these mitzvos, both men and women must eat no less than the required amounts. This color coded, durable, washable chart provides exact measurements for all the foods eaten at the seder. It is a big help during a busy seder.

Over 60 years ago, two holocaust survivors created a masterpiece of art – The Kafra Haggadah. Produced in the style of illuminated haggados of the medieval period, it was considered a great accomplishment in the history of Jewish art. Now, over a half-a-century later, their descendants have produced a stunning new edition, heavily illuminated in gold. Utilizing the latest graphics and printing technology, this is a work of art that will be treasured for years to come.

Check out the rest of Feldheim’s Pesach selections, including: Haggados, children’s books, Hebrew seforim, and more here.

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