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The Story Behind Shemirat Shabbat by Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth z”l

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There is a very sweet article about Rav Neuwirth z”l on the Jewish Mom blog. It is worth reading.  A highlight: The author explains that upon hearing of the Rav’s death this week  “I was hard-pressed to think of any … Continue reading

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Passover Books. So little time, so many choices!

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  What books are “must haves” for Pesach? Inside Feldheim asked Moshe Grossman of Feldheim Publishers NY to share some thoughts with us. Moshe has been with Feldheim for almost 15 years, and is a very knowledgeable member of the NY Feldheim team. … Continue reading

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Shidduchim….Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate

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Just when you thought everything on shidduchim and Jewish dating that needed to be said was already out there, here comes a new Feldheim book (Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate) that totally turns the shidduch world on its head. And … Continue reading

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